Selection of state support measures for projects

Description of the Service

The Agency, on the instructions of the customer, analyzes and selects the federal and regional measures of state support and programs of state development institutions applicable to the customer's project for technological upgrades / localization. The Service includes:

  • optimization of project implementation costs by taking into account possible measures of state support;
  • obtaining possible administrative preferences for the benefit of the period and effectiveness of the project.

Prerequisites for cooperation:

  • the customer implements the project for technological upgrades / localization, and is interested in state support, with the legal right to obtain it;
  • the customer is interested in using the Agency's services as a competent representative for selecting and receiving state support measures.

Expected results:

    a financial model of the project, reflecting the effects of government support measures applicable for this project;
  • a package of documents on behalf of the customer for a particular measure of state support, and participation in the program of the State Development Institute

The result of work on this Service can be the starting stage for cooperation in terms of other services, for example:

  • investment project assembly,
  • assistance in acquiring project financing.
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